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21.04.2016, 09:11


moved from the main changelog topic (in Czech) // Nightmare


  • New soul bound system

    • Soul bound items can now be traded but not worn by others
    • Soul mirror: Releases items from soul binding
  • Half of the guild market costs go into the guild bank
  • Rematch button in guild wars
  • Travelling can be cancelled
  • Duration of guild membership is shown now
  • Familia-Members are now highlighted
  • Error-Screen for unexpected errors
  • Searching player names in the market
  • Quality bonus on food
  • Admin internal Vox Logus
  • Achievements are counted beyond the max value
  • New highlevel location (Level 100): The Underworld
  • New underworld costumes
  • New message system
  • Reworked battle system (double hit chance for both participants, correct hit and block calculations, reworked chance of critical chance)
  • Back button in War Master Hall report
  • Quality levels of drops reworked
  • Challenger are shown in the guild fight now
  • Away duration of Familia-Members is now shown
  • Guild praying for guild members in the Underworld
  • Scrolls now show the bonus they give
  • Items are now stackable
  • New drag & drop system
  • Reworked package site
  • Sorting order of the packages adjustable in the profile
  • Drops are now split: Primary, secondary, tertiary
  • In-game info if account is set for deletion
  • In-game info of failed logins since your last visit
  • New resources, Underworld exclusives
  • New prefixes and suffixes
  • Item durability
  • Workbench
  • New working option: Blacksmith

  • Resources all have level 1 now
  • "Jeweller" in headbar now named "Premium"
  • All flash components were removed from the home page

  • Logic of the food combinations reworked
  • Gender neutral victory announcements
  • Description of holy oils more detailed
  • Point regeneration buff of Centurio now starts with its activation
  • Tooltips of the packages didn't work properly in some languages (e. g. Italy)
  • Block chances are now correctly shown in the battle report
  • Reworked password recovery system
  • Some old error messages translated
  • Deletion of players and guilds properly fixed
  • Amount of guild members is now shown correctly
  • Performance optimisation

v2.1.0_pl1 - 22.04.2016

Fixes are:
  • DisPater Costume vanished too early or stays permanent
  • Underworld: use new pre- and suffixes
  • Adding missing tables in the database


28.04.2016, 12:00


  • Underworld: Buttons and Settings in the Expeditions adjusted
  • Guild: Pray for the underworld tooltip
  • 0 Gold will not be shown in the donation log
  • Auto-Hide of messages deactivated
  • owner of items got changed by moving them within the guild storage - fixed
  • items of multi accounts cannot be taken out of the guild storage
  • Durability changes
  • Recipes of the same level can now be stacked
  • Drop of the DisPater costume fixed
  • Sorting of guild members by join date
  • avoid fights against underworld opponents by link manipulation
  • Magus Hermeticus fixed
  • Underworld: If you die at level "hard" you will be kicked out of the underworld
  • Underworld: balancing at level "hard" fixed


  • Praying didn’t lock account
  • Cancel praying removed guild heal buff for the underworld as well
  • Pray Button improved
  • Soul mirrors could be used on stacks
  • Travelling to the underworld was possible without the needed amount of gold

v2.1.3 - 04.05.2016

  • Fixed server quests
  • Languages with RTL: fixed scrolling
  • Forged items were soulbound
  • Player could not see Ceres if session was wrong
  • cooldown Buff on DisPater Costume (hard) fixed

v2.1.4 - 09.05.2016

  • Rank administration in market and library fixed
  • Magus Hermeticus chance could get improved to 110%
  • Missing information while using an item (+ 1 day Centurio)
  • Dungeon bosses lost special abilities
  • Revenge Button removed from attacker guild
  • Underworld quests fixed/removed
  • IE Bugs in underworld fixed

  • Guild wars: Revenge attacks only possible for 24hours
  • Itemdrop from the dungeon bosses improved

  • Mobile compatibility improved
  • removed expedition points renew information in underworld
  • removed Dungeon points in underworld

v2.1.4_pl1 - 10.05.2016

  • Fix forge recipe bug

v2.1.4_pl2 - 12.05.2016

  • Forge Bugfixes
  • Fix Item search on package page

v2.1.5_pl1 - 18.05.2016

  • Workbench: Split up of durability and conditioning was unclear
  • Guild log: Amount of moved objects didn't show
  • Premium items: Tooltip didn't show quantity
  • Smithery: Stacks of resources behaved weird in some cases
  • Mercenaries: Tooltips were too big
  • Durability: Status of the CT influenced the behaviour in dungeons as well
  • Marked: Achievements were broken
  • Packages: Total value didn't update after reload
  • Guild: Revenge after guild battle limited to 7 days
  • Misc. backend fixes

  • Smithery: Parts of a stack can now be moved to a smithery slot
  • Packages: Settings don't stay hidden anymore
  • Durability: Percentages shown now

v2.1.5_pl2 - 19.05.2016

  • Hotfix: there was a bug that resulted in a broken page display for some players (when a player was checking vendors shops)